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Neti Pot

Allergy sufferers.  I know it’s bad out there.  I know.  I got something that will help.

The neti pot is

I just started using this and I now I can’t believe how much it has helped.  I use it every night before I go to bed so that I don’t wake up feeling like a ton of bricks parked it on my face.

Is it creepy? Not like I thought it would be.  You feel up the pot with warm water, add one packet of the saline solution, shake it a bit.  Then bend over the sink, tilt head to one side, hold your breath (very important), put the spout in one nostril and tip it back!  At first, it kinda feels like when you get water up your nose in the pool.  But then it starts pouring out and that feeling goes away.  Use about half and switch nostrils.

This helps me SO MUCH.  It washes out all the stuff you’ve inhaled and clears your nasal passages.  I wake up just as clear.  This is a life saver.  Get one.  I got mine at CVS, cost me like $14.


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